Is it possible to choose a different split on Ad Sharing besides the default?

I was looking to do an ad share of 60% for the user and 40% for the site, but that doesn't seem to be an option. Is there an easy way for that to happen?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Jerry,

    Looking at the plugin, you would need to edit the plugin code for this.

    If you open ad-sharing.php

    You could add further options by adding them in the options list.

    around lines 497 - 500

    <?php $advertising_share = get_site_option('advertising_share'); ?>
    							<select name="advertising_share" id="advertising_share" >
    								<option value="75"<?php selected( $advertising_share, '75' ) ?>><?php _e( 'Site 25% / User 75%', 'ad_sharing' ); ?></option>
    								<option value="50"<?php selected( $advertising_share, '50' ) ?>><?php _e( 'Site 50% / User 50%', 'ad_sharing' ); ?></option>
    								<option value="25"<?php selected( $advertising_share, '25' ) ?>><?php _e( 'Site 75% / User 25%', 'ad_sharing' ); ?></option>

    then maybe some slight adjustment in function get_ad_code

    I think that's all that would be needed but there could be more edits required.

    Hope this helps

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