Is it possible to choose Support Staff at Chat?

Hi. Just thinking that it would be a good idea for community members to choose the chat agent they wish to communicate with. If the chat agent is not available at the moment, there should be an indicator or something to let the member know when next he's available. I wish this would be considered in the nearest future.

  • Bojan Radonic
    • Head of Support

    Hey skc.chukwu,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    To answer your question first, no it is not possible to choose support agent you'll communicate with during the chat session.

    While I understand that this might look like a good idea from your perspective being a member, choosing your favorite support staff that you find easiest to communicate with, or simply like them the most for their personality or technical knowledge. However, this can for example heavily affect queue times which is something that we definitely want to avoid as well as create additional issues that can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

    The only times when we would allow something like that would be in a case of random disconnect from either your or staff member side and a reason for that is so we can ensure that you don't have to explain your issue again and waste time. Another case would be if you had to leave the chat and you want to continue working on the same issue one of the staff already spent time working on, again for the same reason of saving both your own and our agent's time.

    Our goal is to provide quality support in least amount of time for all our members and in order to continue doing so we won't, at least for now, be able to allow something like that.

    Hope this answers your question and thank you for taking time to write a suggestion, we really appreciate that :slight_smile:

    Have a fantastic day!


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