Is it possible to create a page that restricts the number of viewers to a set # without being logged

I have a client who has a live video feed page. They wanted to know if it was possible to restrict the number of viewers of the page to a set # so they can manage their bandwidth issues with their provider. So, right now the page is password protected, but they want that removed. Without forcing every person who views the page to register on the site, is it possible to create a queue of people for the limited open slots to view the page?

  • Alexander

    Hi @melissa,

    I've actually never seen anything like this before. It would most likely require som in depth custom development. I think the biggest challenge would be knowing when a person enters or leaves. Without something like AJAX, browsers don't tell the server how long they are on a page, and there's no additional communication after the page loads.

    For a simple solution that wouldn't require a registration process, you could look into using Ultimate Facebook and having users login that way. We have a tutorial series for getting all this setup here:

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