Is it possible to create a Wiki widget that has only one wiki and subs?

I'm using Wiki with Membership, and I have two main top level wikis - one called Public and one Private.

I'm also using a plugin that allows me to put the widget in a page using a shortcode (I didn't actually see a built-in mechanism for this in Wiki - is there?)

So, I'd like a page that has a full TOC essentially for "private" and another page that has a full TOC for "public". I can't see how to define the Widget to only show one Wiki and its sub-wikis though. Is that possible? For example, go to - that shows a full TOC but has both public and private info. If you go to you see the "top level" entries for the private pages, but I'd like a full TOC there as well.

Maybe there's a way to do this automatically that I'm overlooking?