Create Product Category Parameters for Purchase with Membership Plugin

Hey Guys! Quick question for you:

Is it possible to do this somehow:

Using the Membership Plugin, can I create subscription levels that allow the user to select a set number of products in a given category?

It's probably easiest if I give an example:

Say, there are 3 "Subscription Levels:"
- Silver (lowest)
- Gold
- Platinum (highest)

And we have 3 "Product Categories" (each containing 4 products):
- Level 1: (chewing gum, lollipop, a pen, a thumbtack)
- Level 2: (a keyboard, watch, cassette player, & headphones)
- Level 3: (a stereo, a case of beer, a printer, and a phone)

If a user selects a Silver Subscription, they pay $40 and get to pick:
-two "Level 1 Products" and
-one product from "Level 2"

For Gold Subscription, @ $80:
-two from "Level 1"
-one from "Level 2"
-one from "Level 3"


Is that something I could get out of the Membership plugin? If not...I know of a certain Level 3 product I'll be picking, while I go back to the drawing board... Ha!