Is it possible to define search criteria for the searches in BP?

Hi, I really need to make the searches in BP more specific.

I have over 1000 groups all named by a symbol consisting of 3 to 4 letters or numbers.

For example PXS, MONI, BARC (they are all symbols for shares on the stock market)

I need users to be able to input one of these and find the group associated with it.

When searching groups BP seems to take into account both the group title and the group description at the same time.

This can bring up quite a few results that aren't the specific share that has been searched for.

Is there a way to define the search to an exact match for topic title?

Ideally I would like a search by topic title and a search by topic description.

This would make things so much easier to find and much more immediate.

Please help as this would make my site infinitely more user friendly.