Is it possible to designate a Wordpress blog to a subdomain, for example,

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to this inquiry. I wonder if it might be possible to designate separately the blog section of a Wordpress site used otherwise for purposes other than blogging, to a specific subdomain of the site, such as Would be grateful for any assistance on the matter. Best, Matmaker

  • Jennifer

    Are you saying that you want to use the Wordpress install on your main site for the pages functions and you want the blog portion to be installed in a different path? If so, yes, it's possible. There's a good explanation for how to do so on the WP Codex.

    There's also the option to run multiple WP installs from the same database (each install must be named differently or your DB tables are gonna get screwed up majorly), or simply set up an additional database if you don't want to worry about blog problems messing up your pages only install and vice versa (could be best if you're not terribly comfortable monkeying around behind the curtain).

    For SEO purposes (higher rankings for frequently updated content) when you need those non-blog pages to get ranked pretty highly, I'd keep the blog portion on the same domain but in a subfolder ( rather than root. Another option would be to add /blog as a page that redirects to wherever you install your blog then run a redirect for that specific path ( to your desired location ( to keep the traffic flowing primarily through your preferred site. Don't know if those things really make much difference, but they've always seemed to improve visibility for me.

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