Is it possible to display the product price on the product list page?

Im guessing this has something to do with the options (or variations)... I cant see prices until I click onto the product and open it into its single product page... Im looking to have pages that will display products side by side but include their price also.. since there are multiple options with multiple prices, is it possible to include the first options price? example, If i have "small, medium, large"... can i set it to at least display the first entered variations price (example: small $49)? so at least customers can compare various products?

For example, If I set up pages to display all products with a particluar category, Like leather jackets, is there a way to show the first variation price of each product (so people can see various products and their prices on the same page)... instead of having to click on the individual product to see the price?

so that :
Leather Jacket A = Small $129
Leather Jacket B = Small $104
Leather Jacket C = Small $229