is it possible to embed Social icons in the Footer / credit


is it possible to embed Social icons in the Footer / credit area of the website?
see demo of theme:
highlighted area -

On my site, this area was hidden several months back, and not sure how to re-activate or show this. My website:

If it is possible to embed the social media icons there and re-show that footer area. is it also possible to add some CSS to ensure that, it is only visible on mobile devices and not on desktop ?

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  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Tom!

    This is the CSS that's hiding the site info area of your footer:
    .site-info {
    display: none;

    If you unhide it, the text you originally didn't want to show will come back. To change it, we'll need to edit your footer.php file to remove the text and add a div for social icons. The problem is this will be overwritten the next time your theme updates, unless you're using a child theme. I'm sure others have mentioned this to you before, but a child theme would be a very smart choice for you, considering how much custom work has been done to your site by us in the past few months. With a child theme, you can change template files willy nilly, and it would be miles easier for us to help you customize things just how you want.

    At this point, switching to a child theme is going to be a challenge, however, because of all the custom stuff. It should all be looked at to make sure 1. you still want it, 2. it still works (a lot of your custom CSS in your custom CSS tool doesn't.) and C. it's not redundant. If I were in your shoes, I'd look at spending a little money to hire a WordPress/CSS consultant to spend a few hours helping you add the child theme and do a thorough audit of your custom CSS/scripts. You don't need a programmer, just someone who knows CSS and WordPress.

    When we're circling back around to undoing the custom work, I think it might be time to consider doing a big picture assessment on introducing a child theme and cleaning up the hodge podge of workarounds and tweaks to make something that's clean, optimized, and, most importantly, easy for any consultant or support team you work with to navigate.

    I hope this doesn't sound to harsh, but I feel like if we don't get you ported over to using a child theme with everything neatly organized, we're going to start seeing more an more issues develop. I'd hate to see that, I know how much time you (and we!) have put into this site.

    Thanks, Tom, let me know if you have any questions.

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