Is it possible to get the Feed Images to show with the post?


I just purchased Autoblog. I'm pretty educated on the "why's and how's" of using curation, but I'm not techy and I'm a bit stuck here.

I cannot seem to be able to pull in images or videos of the RSS feeds I'm choosing. I've been testing using CNN and big news site feeds where I know there are images and videos. I'm only getting short excerpts and nothing else.

I added some ad-ons and that still isn't working. Can someone shine some light on why this is occurring? I'm using a premium theme - newsroom14-WPBandit. I'm not sure if that matters, but I want to give as much detail as possible.

#2 I'm using these popular feeds and when I go to validate it tells me it's not validated. Once again I'm not techy so I don't understand what all the code is telling me.

Please Help, this seems like a great (updated, supportive) community and I like what I see with all the options. I just want to know if this plugin will do what I need or not sooner than later.

Thanks In Advance,