Is it possible to give the second domain a website?

If I install this plugin Multi-Domains , and my main domain of the WPMU is

Next, I want to add a second domain using Multi-Domains plugin, how can I create a site for as another site by itself (viewed by public), while still allowing people to sign up new sub-blogs as or etc within one install of WordPress Multisite.

In order words, I want to use the standard features of Multi-Domains plugin, at the same time, I also want the second domain ( also be a front end website, which has its own content and also allows people to sign up sub-blogs and choose between or etc, like the first domain does.

>> One WPMU install,

>> two front end websites (for marketing to different market segments),

>> when new users come to either site to sign up new sub blogs, all new sub blogs sign up to the same WPMU ntework with a drop down option to choose which domain to sign up to, either or

Can I do that?