is it possible to give users a site where the title

is it possible to give users a site where the title is already set and not possible to change only the username they can give and can i provide users a prosite after they haved already payed a membership? How i do that?

  • Alexander

    Hi @kevin,

    As a title is a pretty important part of a blog, users will be able to change it. I don't know of any way of preventing this without custom development.

    Do you mean a membership with our Membership plugin? If so, there isn't a direct way of transferring users. You would need to manually extend each Pro Site by the amount of their Membership subscription.

    However, when used in Multisite, there are some advanced Membership rules you can use to prevent or allow users from creating a new blog. You wouldn't get the Pro Levels and feature restrictions that pro sites offers, but this way would be easier than switching to a whole new system.

    Best regards,

  • kevin

    i have not used prosites yet i only have a website where people can sign up to become a payed member i also have installed multisite or prosite on it but wich link i need to use to give my users from the membership site a website blog or prosite. i have also installed new blog template plugin what i need to know is how i establish payed members for my membership site to sign up for their own website on the domain from the membership. the domain of the membership is but once they or payed member i want to give them a link where they can maken their own site for example and if possible i will keep the template from for their site if possible? how i do that?

  • Alexander

    Hi Kevin,

    First, I'd advise creating a new template that is separate from all other sites. Then new blogs will be created from this template. You'll want this to be separate in case you want to make changes to your main site that might not need to be reflected on the subsites, such as pricing settings etc.

    Next, edit your Membership levels, and add a "Blog Creation" rule to the positive rules. Then you can enter 1 to limit them to creating 1 site. You can also add this blog creation rule to the negative rules if you wish to prevent members on a certain level from creating a site.

    Once this is setup, your new members can go to the normal signup page to create their blog.

    Best regards,

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