Is it Possible to have a Social Network of Sites?

Really quick, and generic...

Using a Wordpress/BuddyPress combo (since I have recently invested about half a grand in themes and plugins), can I make the following scenario happen?

Let's say that I want to have "" using "theme A" for desired content appearance and functionality. I'd also like to have a "community" subdomain (or directory---whichever will work for this scenario) with "theme B" installed for Buddypress. Then, I'd like five other subdomains (or directories) with "themes C thru G," also used for specific content appearance and functionality. Lastly, I'd like the members of the Buddypress site to be able to utilize "same-account" access to author comments on one of the other sites, or write a blog post (if given permission) on yet another.

How might I go about doing this?

  • Ollie

    Yes it's possible, you've got a long road ahead of you though.... Sounds like you should use Wordpress Multisite with buddypress enabled.

    You will need to do a bunch of research to understand how this all fits together, definitely even more testing.. It's not something that can be explained in 5 minutes easily.

    As for the same account, that's also possible, you'll need to look into global tables and syncing profiles between the sites.

    It's all possible just time consuming.


  • Mike Price

    I am a little confused because I heard something from someone else recently as well that made it sound like it was so difficult to have the same users on multiple sites. However, I have set up a multisite environment with sub directories and when a new user signs up they have access as members on all of the sub sites.

    In fact, they can even post on every sub site on the network regardless of which network they signed up on. So I am a little confused as to how some say this is either not possible or only possible with a plugin and lots of configuration. Maybe im missing something (quite possibly lol)

  • Ollie

    If you have already figured out how to install and run a multi-site network then half the hard part is out of the way.

    Have you jumped into Buddypress yet? That takes time to get right if you want it to run real smooth... It's not a standard plugin, its a plugin with a whole niche of sub plugins & custom developments... Lots of fun though.

    There are a few plugins on WPMU that deal with syncing users, that should solve sync problems... I've also found signing users up through the main site keeps the Multisite smoother in my personal experience... The rest is putting it all together as a workable, functioning and upgrade friendly solution. Not impossible at all, just time consuming.

  • Cody Baker

    Thanks for the replies.

    I am fairly familiar with the uses and configurations of Wordpress and Buddypress, but I haven't tried a Multisite install yet (though I do understand the concept of its use). The reason I ask the question here before forging ahead into a grand experiment is because of one statement I read at on the install of Mutlitsite (ref. The statement: "If you plan on creating sites that are strongly interconnected, that share data, or share users, then a multisite network might not be the best solution."

    I'm not afraid of the time and work involved to make this happen, I just wanted to know that it is possible to do using WP, BP, different themes, different subdomains (or directories) and available plugins.

  • Ollie

    The keyword there is 'might' .... Anyone who is willing to get create and spend some time can by pass that....

    Try this plugin

    We share data across one of our networks and the most important part of it in our instance is signing users up via the main site. Hopefully that works for you as it did for us.


  • Tom Eagles


    Hi there a subdomain multisite would be the way to go.

    main domain: (main network site)
    subdomain a: Buddypress site (bussy press has to be installed here)
    other domains c,d,e,f, etc

    If users sign up on the network site they will have access to all the others.

    Themes can be applied on a network wide level or on a per site basis.

    For posting on another site you would need to use a role editor plugin and set the permissions for the usertype on that blog as necessary.

    I have a large multisite (buddypress runs on my main network site) several key subdomains offering jobs board, directory, classifieds etc all without issue.



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