Is it possible to have different email replies for different treatments?

Say I have a service, which when booked can use the automatic reply feature to send a link, where a user will input more information.

However, for a follow up booking (which is listed as a separate service) the client shouldn't get that same email with a link, instead I'd want to just send a confirmation.

Is this possible to do in Appointments+, or perhaps with the addition of another WPMU plugin?


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    What I would suggest here is to enable the "notes" field during the booking process. What you're looking for is possible, but would require a good bit of custom coding.

    Appointments+ uses filter called "app_confirmation_message" which could be hooked into. From there you could check based on service ID whether or not to modify the email.

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  • jameel_amini
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    Thanks for the reply @Alexander Rohmann, but to be honest a lot of that I feel would be beyond my skills!

    The website is a medical practice, we changed the notes in the Language files to say "Voucher Code" instead for when promotions are available.

    I assume in your version, you ask the client to specify in the notes field whether this is a first consultation or follow-up, and then the appropriate reply is sent using the app_confirmation_message from here?

    (I've already set up the services as General Health - Initial Consultation, General Health - Follow-up, etc so technically they'd already have their own Service ID already)

    IF (big IF) I even got that far - and any help would be appreciated - where would I put the content for the reply to the follow-up consultation?

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    Hi @jameel_amini

    All of this does heavily depend on custom development. Because we've programmed Appointments+ to include the hooks I reference above, it would be pretty straightforward for a developer to create a module that does what you're looking for by making use of these hooks. This would also make Appointments+ update proof because the hooks allow developers to avoid modifying the Appointments+ code directly - they just write code to extend and tie into the existing system.

    You would likely have another setting option created where you would put the content for the reply.

    Stay tuned, as we have some new improvements for Appointments+ on the way. We don't have anything planned to address this directly, but there will definitely be more options available, and maybe something could be worked out even easier.

    In any case, this issue specifically would require additional development. We don't undertake custom work at WPMU DEV, but if you're looking to hire a developer, be sure to checkout our job boards here:

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