Is it possible to have more than one multisite/prosite configured to use the same PayPal account?

I have a multisite setup on a subdomain, as well as one setup on the main domain. Both using ProSites. Is there any way to use the same PayPal account with both sites? Or do I need to create an additional PayPal account? I’m having trouble figuring out how to set up PayPal with the two separate IPN addresses required. Am I missing something?

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    Hey Vaughan,

    I finally got around to working on this and experienced some trouble, so I went back to the usage instructions for the plugin and saw this:


    If you need to run Pro Sites on multiple WP installs but with the same PayPal account, you will need to setup an IPN forwarding script. This is due to limitations in the PayPal APIs regarding subscriptions and only being able to set one IPN URL in PayPal settings.

    I had never see that before. I was wondering if it is accurate in my situation, as it is at odds with your first response. To be clear, I do have multiple WP installs (two multisite networks), one installed on a subdomain, and one installed on the main domain (both are configured to create sub-blogs in the directory fashion, not the subdomain fashion). Do I need to setup an IPN forwarding script?

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    Thanks @aristath,

    Given the lack of response, I went ahead and used the IPN forwarding script, and the sites seem to be working fine. It would be nice to have an answer to the question, though, as to whether setting up the forwarding script was necessary, to save someone else the trouble down the line if it is not :slight_smile:

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