Is it possible to have multisite exclude a domain?

I’ve sadly had to give up on Buddypress – its just doesn’t quite work as intended… and when speaking with the buddypress folks I’m getting one word answers… they’re not nearly as helpful as on here.

The long and the short of it is – I’ve had to use Elgg…. It was really quick to install… paid for a theme… job done… does everything out the box….

Only thing is, I’d like to keep wordpress multisite for the website side of things.. Is there any way for me to exclude one subdomain, and set Elgg up on that?

so I can still have both powered by wordpress

and… then a seperate domain… for elgg?



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    Greetings rpwillie :slight_smile:

    well sir I think what you should do in this case is not enter the sub domain you want separated into wordpress at all but to either create a sub-domain using your hosting CPanel or to create the separated sub domain as its own domain :slight_smile:

    When creating it as a sub-domain in your CPanel it will create a folder within your wrodpress install which is fine and should operate efficiently :slight_smile:

    If you create the sub domain by adding it as its own domain it will have a separate home folder all together but still work just as efficiently :slight_smile:

    So basically this is the way it can be done :slight_smile:

    However, httpd.conf or virtualhost.conf may need to be adjusted with the sub-domain above the regular wordpress install so that it finds its before sending the query to wordpress :slight_smile:

    We actually have one of these setup in this very configuration ourselves :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

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