Is it possible to have www. in multisite root domain?

I have a multisite install with blog subdomains, and the main root domain where people join the network, always redirect to without the www.

Is it possible to have www. ?


  • Zyniker

    It is possible, but it is highly inadvisable. The "www" prefix on websites is a lingering, unnecessary part of the web's developmental stage. Technically, www is every bit as much a subdomain as "subdomain" in WordPress MultiSite (and a lot of other modern software) considers using "www" to be anathema. Personally, I have .htaccess rewrites in place on all of my sites to eradicate www.

    Of course, there are some people who think "www" is an integral part of the Internet and continue to believe that all websites should be prefixed by it (on a related note, it doesn't help that some of the biggest players [e.g., Google] insist on retaining the www prefix). Are you faced with a situation where a client refuses to have a site deployed without www? If so, this might be worth doing. Otherwise, save yourself some hassle and just accept the shorter URL (anyway, with rewrites enabled, users can still type in www and arrive at the correct place).

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi BB and welcome to the WPMUdev Support Community!

    I can agree with Z and not because that just rhymed. But if you have a great reason for created a separate subdomain from the naked domain, it's possible, but undoubtedly would lead to confusion for your users. One thing that Z didn't mention is that many cPanels will create cNames automatically so that www is treated as the same thing as the naked domain, which is important for SEO.


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