Is it possible to integrate Jobs&Experts with Buddypress?

Hi. I was wonderring if there is a possiblity to have the following Option for BP and Jobs&Experts
1. Have an Option to integrate the the plugin user Profile with the BP user Profile. No shortcodes. Just click and done. Maybe some extra Options with regard to how complex the Integration should be. I use Geodirectory for other page functionalities,...and they have it like this. So, I know it s possible. And with a click)))
2. Have the plugin pages and Options fully integrated with BP. No shortcodes,...just click.
3. User roles, do u control that with the currect plugin functionality,...without any extra plugins installed?
4. How do u monetize this plugin. My site that i was considering this plugin for uses allready WC. So,...using a 2nd ecommerce engine on a wp install? Does that makes sense? How about integrating it also with WC. I mean, not a question of Branding here right?

I am sorry to say so,...but I was let to believe that this plugin is BP compatible. For me, that means that both Plugins are somehow integrated to achieve topfunctionality. I can t see what any mentioning in the product description of BP would satisfy any other than that. After 2 Chats with Support, I was explained that compatibility means no confilict if both plugins are activated. Honestly, I can t see why both plugins would be used and activated without being integrated? I mean, can t have a community running on BP where u also run a jobboard,...and where users have 2 profiles to fill in. ´That is in my oppinion bad UX.
I do hope u will consider my requests.

Best regards,


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Vlad,

    Hope you're doing well :slight_smile:

    Thanks for your suggestions, theses are currently unavailable as our chat staff already explained but I have moved this thread to our Features & Feedback section so our developers can consider adding them in future.

    At the moment J&E experts only supports integration with MarketPress as ecommerce solution so Woocommerce is not possible without custom development.

    I'm sorry that there was confusion about using J&E with BudyPress, it can only be used alongside it at the moment but hopefully we will see more users looking for further integration and our developers will consider adding it in future.

    Best regards,

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