Is it possible to make a subsite a different version of Wordpress than the multisite?

Hey folks,

Is it possible to make a subsite a different version of Wordpress than the multisite? There is a plugin I would like to use that is only compatible up to WP version 3.9.2. Can that particular subsite I would like to use it on run only the WP 3.9.2 rather than what the multisite is (which is now WP 4.1)? If so, how and how can I lock it for that subsite to be sure it is not upgraded until needed (i.e. after that plugin is tested and compatible with newer versions)?


  • aristath
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    Hello there @Greg, I hope you're well today!

    I'm afraid that no, this will not be possible.
    However most plugins that were compatible with WP 3.9.2 are compatible with newer versions too... The fact that they don't specifically say so doesn't mean anything. Have you tried it yourself with latest versions of WP? You could try it on a test site... chances are it will work perfectly fine. The "compatibility" mentioned in WP means that the last time the author updated the plugin, they tested it with WP up to 3.9.2 and it worked. Maybe no update was needed since then 'cause it still works fine and therefore the author never thought of updating the page on (I know 'cause I'm guilty of that too with some of my own plugins).


  • Greg
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    Hi @aristath

    Ok. Thanks for that. Is there any thoughts you may have on this (see below and attached)?

    I have posted info on Github and also the WP support forum. Your Q&A plugin is not quite what is needed. This one will work if it can be gotten to actually "work" Any ideas?

    I have tried using it on a test site with no other plugins and with the 2014 and 2015 themes as well.

    Post on Github:
    If the plugin author could respond and help that would be great. I think something may have happened to him or his is busy with other stuff.

    I annotated screenshots here for everyone below that has more info.

    If any other user could help out that would be

    ***The "subscriber" view of the "Questions" page and the "Widgets" are not showing anything. The Administrator view of "Questions" does show something (although I have not looked at the functionality a lot yet to see if anything else is not working) and in the sidebar it seems to show the questions in order of time as they come in (but now "widgets" as seen in the screenshots).

    I annotated screenshots here:

    Any help would be great...

    Also, I notice the Wordpress support is not as active as it once was. Is the plugin author ok? Was he/she in a accident, family emergency, or just simply busy on other stuff? Any insight would be helpful:

    Is there a newer version here etc?

    I have also played with the different plugin permissions, WP comments settings, etc.


    See attached.

    Thanks @aristath


  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello @Greg

    I hope you are well today.

    As this is a third party plugin, so it is difficult for us to tell why the issue is happening. You need to keep in touch with the plugin developer.

    About your topic question, no - this is not possible. Multisite seems multiple sites but run on single wordpress installation. So, there is no way to have a different version of wordpress for a specific subsite.

    What you can do is to use a separate wordpress website for that subsite. So, that site won't be a part of that multisite but will be a stand alone site.


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