Is it possible to move the "select-availability" button from the admin bar in WP?

Hello, i downloaded the chat plugin and its working but i have one problem.
I have to enable the admin bar in wordpress to give users the ability to choose there availability status. But with the enabled admin bar my site can't be displayed correctly with an iphone because the the sites in the dropdown menu an the buttons in the admin bar can't be clicked. I tried to disable the admin bar and everything works great apart from that users cant choose their availability status anymore. So my question is:
Is it possible to move the buttons with the availability Status away from the admin bar so that users can choose their ability status anywhere else?? In this way i could disable the admin bar again.
Or can you tell me, what i do have to change in which file so that buttons in the adminbar and in dropdown menus can be clicked with iphones again?
Im using the wpmu dev chat plugin together with buddypress. It would be great if you would help me. Sorry for the english, but im no native speaker :wink: thanks.
my site is