Is It Possible to Remove the "Delete Site" Option From The Subscriber's Tools Menu?

Hi there;

I was able to hide the 'domain mapping' option from Subscriber's Tools Menu by following another thread; my question now is how to remove the option for Subscribers to 'Delete Site'. I forsee a lot of heartache around that button!

Thanks for any advice.

  • DavidM
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    Hi amieq,

    "Delete Site" is a core option so it's not one of those options you'd want to edit the files for. There are at least two ways I can see to accomplish that though.

    1. Use a combination of Admin Menu Editor and the New Blog Templates plugins.

    Admin Menu Editor lets you rearrange and even delete admin menu items and even provides for capabilities so you could limit which role sees what.

    New Blog Templates stores site settings (including plugin settings) in templates you can use to create sub-sites having those same settings.

    With that, you could specify a default template in New Blog Templates that would include settings for the Admin Menu Editor where that option is hidden.

    2. Use our Membership plugin with the global database table option set to true. You can then setup membership levels that persist across all your sites and you can specify which admin menus users will see and which they won't.

    But then, others around here might have some clever ideas of their own. :slight_smile:


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