Is it possible to separate template sites from user subsites DB?

I have Pro Sites, New Blog Templates, Domain Mapping, and Provisioning network installed and activated. Say I have around 200 original template sites freshly and carefully crafted/built and yet still no mixing with other user’s subsites, all of them (template sites) are kept together under one roof and created in a sequential number of blog_id. I’ve come across the big problem when facing with maintenance and update the main site.

– I have a tendency to add a new template every week. Say the last one was Blog_id & New_blog_template_id = 200. When adding the new ones, I want the whole set of new blog template id are in a same group of number. Ex. the new ones should be 201, 202, and so on without any user subsites are mixed in between.

– When maintenance and update the old template sites, if they are in the same group, sequential numbers, it would be easier to remember and won’t get confused.

My questions are as follows:

1. Could I separate the template sites from user’s subsites in a different DB?

2. If #1 is not doable, could I reserve template sites in a range ex. 1-500 are for template sites, whenever there is a new site signup from the users, it will start from 501 and so on.?