Is it possible to set up 2 user conditions in Marketpress, or would I need to integrate Membership p

I am considering moving my 350+ product site from wp e-ecommerce to Marketpress. I see there is a way to import all products from wpec, great! Site is EcoLuz LED

My question is: if I have 2 types of users that I define, i.e. 1) public and 2) commercial buyer - is it possible to make a log-in for my commercial buyers where they can go to see their special pricing? Basically my commercial buyers have a 40% discount off the normal price - so not sure how to go about this. Do I have to re-create all the products with the new 40% price? Do I install Membership? Or, is there a way to designate a user a 40% off discount without using a coupon code?

Anything you can do is helpful!

PS - on the current site I have not created the commercial buyer section yet, and really am wondering if it would be easier to migrate everything to wpmu and start the 2 user system here. Public would not need a user to make purchase, but professional would.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    Currently there isn't a way to set pricing per role which could be handy here.

    There are a few ways to handle this.

    1. Use a WordPress multisite and then run MarketPress in network mode something like this: <-- intro page, company info, maybe some promo offers and contact forms. <-- All retail products <-- All wholesale products

    Downside: Two lots of duplicate products and duplicate product stock levels to maintain.

    Potential plugin to solve that might be Content Mirror: <-- You would need to test this extensively to ensure the stock are synced from both sites in the network. It might not work like that unfortunately.

    2. If you want to protect it then the same as above but using our Membership plugin to ensure only wholesalers see those prices.

    3. Coupons - MarketrPress supports coupons and you could have one like "TRADEOFFERS" and give that to your wholesalers.

    Downside is that they only see the discount prices once in the basket and coupon is applied.

    Advantage though is just one site to maintain with a single stock level.

    If you wish to support the idea of per role pricing which would enable you to achieve what you wish then please add your support here:

    I just created this post to consolidate support of this enhancement.


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