Is it possible to set up an individual/different

Is it possible to set up an individual/different registration page for each subscription so that the user can only subscribe to that particular one. I don’t want them to see all the other subscriptions.

I could have a default subscription for signup but then how do I get the user to the subscription that I want without having to add them manually – which I would like to avoid as there will be a lot of users.

Or is there another way of working around this please. Asked this question several hours ago but still no help with still so far.

My original question was:

“For my membership site users may register by invitation codes only. Is it possible to set up the registration page so that only the subscription to which the user is invited will show. I don’t want company A users to be able to sign up to Company B or C etc.

Or can you suggest a way to work around this”

Would really appreciate some help on this please.