Is it possible to setup a domain mapping network if the main network itself is on a subdomain ?

I understand that the main site of a network using the Domain Mapping Plugin can not use a www prefix ( url and should be run as just, however I have a multisite network which i’m trying to setup where the main site of the network itself needs to be a sub domain ..

Here’s my setup;

* the network will reside at (because is already in use)

* I’m using a subfolder rather than subdomain option for the network setup.

* sunrise file is in the correct place and is tagged in the wp-config file.

Here’s my problem ;-(

* I’ve setup a new site on the network which I get to ok by going to

* I want to point to this network site

* I’ve added the A record for to point to the IP address of the network

* I’ve setup a CNAME of to point to via dns

* If I browse to either or I just get sent to the homepage of my networks main site … which is

The site is on a dedicated server (on amazon ec2) and has a dedicated ip address. The new domain arrives at the network but doesn’t get mapped to the sites subfolder ?

Any help would be appreciated thanks