Is it possible to Mix Multi-site and Stand Alone Installs on the Same Domain?

Is it possible to setup the Multi-site Wordpress to
(a) do some blogs through multi-plugin installs and
(b) to do other blogs as individual installations separate and appart from Multi-site?

Specifically if I were using the Multi-user option, could I implement one of the following subdomain sites as a separate install and the other two as a multi-user install?

Does it make a difference if I am doing this with sub-domains as opposed to sub-directories?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @Curtis-S,

    You can but it's not really advisable.

    It works best if your multisite is on the main domain in the root of your site.

    Then you can have your single installs set as proper subdomains in your cpanel.

    You will need to then enter those subdomains as banned sitenames in your multisite network settings, so that nobody can create multisite blogs using those same names. (not necessary if you use subdir method of multisite)

    But you will run into issues if you ever decide to use domain-mapping, you will find that your single installs in the subdomains folders are no longer accessible with domain-mapping enabled, & domain mapping will require a dedicated IP.

    But yes, it's possible to use as you ask.

    On my test server, i have my multisite installed in public_html using (and configured to use subdomains)

    then I have a single install in a subdomain called

    Hope this helps

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