Is it possible to Smush images created by Soliloquy slider plugin?

We've smushed our entire media library, but I can't find a way to include images that were created by Soliloquy slider. Soliloquy creates its own custom image sizes for the slider and saves them in the media library folders (wp-content/uploads/year/month). However, they're not viewable within the media library itself so I guess they're not visible to Smush.

Is there a way we can include these in the bulk Smush please? Soliloquy creates images in the format: "samefilenameasoriginal-1600x650_c.jpg" and saves them in the same place as the original.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Andrew,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    Smush recently got an option to select custom directory but this will exclude default WP folders since those images are usually available in media library, unforunately this doesn't seem to be the case with Soliloquy plugin.

    I've forwarded this to Smush developer so he can see how can this be approached to allow smushing in future.

    As a current workaround you can try steps below:

    - Access your WP installation via FTP and create new folder in there, for example, create "Images for optimization" inside wp-content folder.

    - After that copy your Soliloquy images to that custom folder.

    - Go to Media > WP Smush panel in your WP admin section and scroll down to Directory Smush section.

    - Select your newly created folder and optimize the images.

    - Now go back to FTP and move your optimized images back to their respective folders and replace the old ones.

    You should now have optimized images in your sliders.

    Best regards,

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, appreciate the workaround, but unfortunately we're talking a lot of images scattered over many different year/mth folders. Not ideal; I should be able to come up wih a search to move them in bulk to a folder, but returning them to their original folders could be a challenge!

    Please let me know if the developer comes up with anything. Would love to be able to just add the uploads folder to the directory option and have it just hit all images it finds rather than only what's in the library. Or a simple option to "Include all images in upload folders even if not present in media library".

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