Is it possible to take a copy of my multisite and replicate it on a seperate domain.

I have built a multisite with buddypress and all the goodies, including multi db

The site is now complete and ready for launch tommorow morning and im very excited.

However before i launch i would like to create a copy of the site whilst its still fresh without members other than myself of course.

I would then like to do 2 things with this copy:


Take this site and change domain and configure to work on a demo enviroment so i can use it as a testing ground for new improvements before rolling them onto the main site.


Roll this out to other niches without having to completely rebuild the site from scratch.

Now normally on wordpress i would copy the wordpress site and database then simply change the site url in wordpress options and therefore it would work instantly.

However i know it wont be as easy as this for a multisite especially given the fact i have multi-db

I am already going to role it back to a single database and then start fresh with multidb once its set-up on a new box etc as this will be very straight forward and will make life easier. Therefore exclude multi-db from the equation.

Is anyone aware of what i would need to do in order to copy a multisite to a new domain name and how easy it will be?