Let me explain..

I have a member area, members are introduced to a course. Right now I have day 1 through day 7.

I am trying to find or build a solution that when the new member listens to content and finishes listening or viewing a video.. an email will be sent telling the new member that day 2 will be available soon. Or that 2 day is now available.. so this is all based on a users action.

So ideally day 2 page is now unlocked based on the users previous action.. Is this possible with any wordpress plugins out there?

any ideas on how to accomplish this?



  • ME Admin

    Thanks for responding Nastia. And my apologies for not being more clear.

    I am not using coursepress pro in anyway. What I have now is this..

    The user logs in.. the user currently sees day 1 through 7 on a page I have.. there are links here that when clicked a video pops up in POPUP Pro. What I need is that when the user either

    A.) finishes watching the video, they are redirected to a page of my choice
    B.) if the user closes the popup they are redirected to a page of my choice

    Ideally the page they are redirected to will auto play audio for the user listen to with a timer on the page.

    Im not sure how to tell the popup that once closed redirect to x or how to get the redirect to happen when a video or audio ends.

    Hope this makes sense..



  • Sajid

    Hello ME Admin,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    I got what you are looking for, but I never come across any plugin that does exactly what you described above.

    However, if I got you right, then you are looking for dripped content membership to give access to content periodically. Membership 2 Pro plugin does have dripped content membership functionality out of the box.

    It does not have the flow you are looking for though. But this gives you a very good starting point. Later on you can extend it according to your requirements (membership 2 is developer friendly) by messing with code (if you can do so) or hiring an independent developer from jobs board.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to post a reply if you need further assistance :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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