is it possible with buddypress

I want to design a custom user profile page for my users i would like to have a call to action telling them to upgrade and maybe a news stream with the latest site updates and a few other widgets. what would be the best possible way to do this.

All the best,

  • Patrick

    Hi @Bobby

    You can easily customize the templates that BuddyPress uses by copying them to your active theme. Note that you must preserve/reproduce the exact folder structure.

    So if you want to customize the member profile page, the file you want to study is:
    buddypress\bp-themes\bp-default\members\single\home.php. That file contains the calls to all the other templates that BP uses for the users profile, and displays them depending on what is clicked in the profile navigation.

    Let's say you want to add or customize some stuff in the member profile header. In your active theme, create a members folders, then inside that create a single folder. Then copy/paste the member-header.php file inside that.

    Now you can add or customize anything you like in the member-header template (like a call to action to upgrade), and that will be preserved when you update BuddyPress. to be sure it is preserved when you update your theme, be sure to add these templates to a child-theme and use that.

    As for the "news stream with the latest site updates and a few other widgets", you could use widgets that output any content you need in the sidebar of your theme, but that really depends on what theme you're using.

  • Bobby

    Ok it seems possible to do, now Im still a newbie but i am decent with HTML and CSS but im just learning java script which I've noticed is similar to php. With that being said i can create the the folders and copy and paste the php file but i am not sure where to start with editing the members-header.php file. Can i wrap html in php and it will display on the page. If there are some tutorials im sure i can follow them. So i guess my first step would be first getting familiar with editing the wordpress files in general if you could direct me to some good tutorials to get me familiar it would be greatly appreciated.

    All the best,

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