Is it possible w/Membership Plugin to have 2 separate registration pages display different content?

Here is the scenerio:

We have two different subscription plans to become members, Associate Level and Regular Member Level plans. On the website there two different pages where people can view the details of each membership level.

Associate Level:
Regular Member Level:

On each of the above pages it describes the specifics of each plan and there is a button where people can click to Join / Apply for the subscription level. Because the person on the page already knows which plan they want to subscribe / register to sign up with ideally each different subscription level could have it's own unique Registration page.

Currently in the backend of the Membership plugin it seems that the only option is to have one single Registration page that lists both of the subscription levels and asks the user to click the appropriate button to sign up for either of the two different subscription levels.

Would like the registration pages to display registration forms right away where people can type in their name, choose username, password, etc without having to go through any other steps.

Thank you for any input you may have.