Is Jobs/Expert right for me and can Jobs/Expert do this?

Hi there,

I am running already Listings (for reviews) and Classifieds (for well classifieds lol) and now I am thinking of adding Jobs/Experts (for coaches offering coaching)... Afaik both listings and classifieds would be able to do just that (maybe not as fancy)...

Now I want to not overload on plugins and I want to figure a way out how I can set this up as easy as possible and maybe find a way to get some sort of affiliate program with this going (us getting a percentage from coaching sold thru our site or listing fees like you could do with classifieds but ideally would be getting commissions on sales)..

Thank you :slight_smile:

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Toni!

    As of right now, there's no way to get a commission/affiliate rate from Jobs and Experts.

    Jobs and Experts is pretty cool, however. The interface is really slick, and we've opened up your options for customizing the look. I love the Expert profiles, especially. If you've got a test site active, I'd give Jobs and Experts a spin where you can play with it. We've even included an add on to let you import demo data for both jobs and experts, so you can really see it in action, without having to create a bunch of your own demo content.

    However, I think what you might want here is CoursePress. It's even fancier than Jobs & Experts, BUT, it's easy to work out a commission for course instructors (coaches, in your case) and it's super easy to set up attractive, professional looking courses with super sharp video, text, and image support. Take a look, and try it on a test site as well, just to see if you like how it works.

    I may have left you with more choices to make than answers, let me know if I can help clear anything else up!

  • Toni

    Thank a lot Michelle! :slight_smile:

    Course Press looks cool indeed but I am not sure it would be right for what we trying to do but it gave me an idea for something else :smiley:. Let me explain exactly what we are trying to do:

    I want to find a simple way to have poker coaches that are already part of our BP community to add a listing of their coaching offer which would later happen in private on skype for example and maybe allow each coach to have an expert profile that will show their creds but all this I could do kind of with Classifieds or Listings and manually add like an expert page for each since we won't have a ton of coaches approved but I am just trying to figure out if Jobs/Expert or another Plugin would be better for all this?

  • Jude

    Hey again @Toni

    By design, the Classifieds plugin is meant to add a listing of items or services for sale in a simple way as part of a community or network. Folks pay to list (and hopefully sell) an item.

    Directory on the other hand is meant to be the focal point of a site. It's more of a 'yellow book' site - like a directory of businesses in a specific area or in your case coaching services for poker.

    There's definitely some overlap between these two plugins and both can be tweaked to do the job, I chose the directory option


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