Is jQuery enabled?

I am struggling to get some AJAX calls working with Easy Blogging.

I have a custom dashboard widget and I am trying to make a form submit some AJAX calls to update a page. However, it seems that my javascript simply isn’t being picked up.

Is jQuery enabled in Easy Blogging?

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    jQuery isn’t disabled in fact it’s used to create the easy blogging interface.

    Can you test without easy blogging activated and see if it works? Then you’ll know for sure it’s a conflict with this plugin.

    If that’s the case we can try to assist a bit. If you can share your code (over 10 lines please post a link using and we’ll take a look. We can’t support every custom implementation out there, but if it’s something a second pair of eyes can spot quickly we’ll do what we can :slight_smile:


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