Is just me or these are bugs?

Hi guys!

This is my second day using Appointments+, and this is some things that IMHO need to be fixed or enhanced:

1. When I'm using a translated version (thought .mo file) the color picker in "Display Settings" does not work and some strange fields are placed at the button of the page (this bug is already reported to the developer).

2. When I set "Add Google Calendar Button" to NO, the google calendar link stills appears in my "Make an Appointent" page.

3. In "Payment Settings", the Paypal Currency in the select menu cannot be translated thought the .mo file.

4. I don't use the Membership or the MarketPress plugins and my clients don't know what they is, so why not hide these 2 groups of options if the user don't have them activated?

5. In "Notification Settings", the sample content of the fields "Confirmation Email Subject", "Confirmation email Message", "Reminder email Subject" and "Reminder email Message" cannot be translated thought the .mo file.


7. In "Working Hours" tab, the week days cannot be translated too.

8. In "Exceptions" tab, the date format must honor the settings from the wordpress preferences, and not set YYYY-MM-DD arbitrarily.

9. In "Services" tab, no matter what value I set in the "capacity" field, I can only do one appointment per time slot, even if the capacity was set to 2 simultaneous appointments at that time.

10. The button "Save Settings" in General tab cannot be translated.

11. The button "Save Working Hours" in Working Hours tab cannot be translated.

12. The button "Save Exceptional Days" in Exceptions tab cannot be translated.

13. The button "Add New Service" in Services tab cannot be translated.

14. The button "Add New Service Provider" in Service Provider tab cannot be translated.

15. Why not place the content of short code and FAQ tabs in an external file (separated from the plugin main file)? I want to translate and add some new questions to the FAQ, but I'll lost these modifications if the plugin is updated.


  • aecnu

    Greetings Daniel,

    Holy smokes Batman - that is quite a few gigs and several seem to be related to the .po and .mo files and/or translation though certainly not all.

    I will need to bring all these issue to the lead developer of Appointments+ and it is acknowledged that he is working on number one above.

    I shall let him address these items since he knows this plugin best and being the Chief coder he can make any issues go away if they are indeed within the plugin.

    Without any further ado ...

    I will see if I can get the lead developer in here with his invaluable insight into this plugin for his advice/advise for us and perhaps a tweak or three.

    Though this may take a bit longer then a normal ticket, I will try to get him in here asap.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Hakan


    1. I have just received your po file and will investigate the issue.

    2. It works fine for me. If you are using a caching plugin try to clear your cache.

    3. Currencies are not translatable and no need to do that. It is not even translated in any e-commerce plugin.

    4. This is a request, not a bug.

    5. Those values are already editable from the admin and their default values are not translatable. However, I will add them to be translated.

    6. Sorry, but we cannot allow those placeholders to be translated. A simple mistake will break the plugin. In all such applications placeholders are always free of translation.

    7. Yes, week of days are not translatable in admin side. It has to stay like this for some time.

    8. We don't plan to change the date format here, because you can use datepicker to pick those values and it obeys your local date format.

    9. You misunderstand capacity. It limits the resources. You cannot use it to extend your available workforce. Please read the related FAQ.

    10 -14. I will have a look at them and make them translatable.

    15. You can add your own tab. There is thread about it:

    So all your questions are about translations. Am I wrong?


  • Daniel

    Hi Hakan!

    Thank you for spend your time reading and answering my question.

    2. I'm not using any cache plug-in. I also clear my browser cache and switch to Twenty Eleven theme but without success. =(

    3. It's not even possible to give us a option to translate this through .mo file? Believe me, read the name of your own currency written in another language sounds so strange like "dólares americanos" for U.S. dollars.

    4. Sure, it's a request, or an "enhancement" =)

    7. I'm talking about the these labels: They are not just "labels"?

    And yes, 90% of my questions are related to translation, so I think they are quite easy to fix =)


  • Daniel

    Greetings Hakan!

    Here is the link:

    Found some more "untranslatable" texts =) :

    '<div class="updated fade"><p><b>[Appointments+]</b> Cache cleared.</p></div>';
    '<div class="updated fade"><p><b>[Appointments+]</b> Settings saved.</p></div>';
    '<div class="updated fade"><p><b>[Appointments+]</b> Selected record(s) deleted.</p></div>';
    '<div class="updated fade"><p><b>[Appointments+] You are not authorised to do this.</b></p></div>';


  • Hakan


    As of version 1.1.6:

    1. I loaded your po files, created a mo file using that but I couldn't replicate the issue in these browsers: Google Chrome, FF, Safari, IE9 (Win7) and IE8 (Win XP).

    Are you accidentally using IE8 on admin side? If it is so, clear all your browser files. IE8 is a lame browser who tries to speed up itself using some very wrong caching assumptions.

    2. Same as above.

    10-14. These are all translatable now.

    The other untranslatable texts that you mentioned above are translatable now.


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