Is MarketPress going to be updated?

I use MarketPress for the selling of books and it's been real buggy to say the least. Meanwhile I haven't seen any updates from this plugin for quite some time.

Problems I'v had are the following:
- Randomly orders will be processed with no names.
- Customer loads cart and goes to checkout and there's nothing in the cart. This happens often and too frequent.

I'm almost to the point of moving to WooCommerce because MarketPress seems to have too many issues and it's costing us quite a bit of headache and money. Not seeing any updates from this product even though Wordpress has updated several times is beginning to make me wonder a bit.

I like MarketPress but it just seems a bit unrefined and not sure if I can afford to continue using it.

Any updates on the status of this plugin would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance.