Is MarketPress the poor member of the family?

Since the release of MarketPress 3.x some considerable time ago, a quick scan of subsequent updates shows just two ‘added’ features. Across the same time period, WPMUDEV have made significant updates to many products, launched new products and generally made great leaps forward.

Is MarketPress the poor member of the family, with too few resources allocated to it?

Is there genuine further development of MarketPress scheduled, or just maintenance work?

Will it ever have bulk upload facilities (2.x had, its bizarre 3.x doesn’t)?

Maybe its just me, but one of the factors I joined was MarketPress; and whilst I may have misinterpreted the situation, I feel the product has been sidelined. It once was a product with a future and now its not going anywhere.

I’m open to being convinced otherwise, but no one seems prepared to make a definitive statement.

Is MarketPress dead in the water, or are great things planned for it?