Is Membership right for my site?

Hey there,
I'm currently making a membership type site and I'm curious if Membership is going to be the right fit for me. Up until now, I've been using WishList Member and have been very happy with it. The two problems I had were that WLM couldn't protect my Marketpress products and it wasn't Multisite capable.

I dabbled in Membership before, but it didn't seem like it was going to fit all my needs. I am very pleased that it was able to protect all my products, but the actual membership levels are where I'm concerned.

This site is for a group of licensed teachers, who purchase different levels of teacher training materials. What happens is that they order a specific level through our store, and if they have met all the prerequisites, we manually add them to the level that has the materials they have purchased.

We won’t be using any gateway with Membership and essentially all of the levels will be set up as if they are free levels that teachers will be manually added to.

So do you think that Membership will work for what we’re trying to do? I was also curious if there is a limit to the number of levels you can have in Membership, we’ll need close to 200 access levels.

Thanks in advance!