Is Membership the right plugin for our needs


We are setting up a site for our employees to access content.

We want a custom login/register page - Can we set one up with Membership?

We want to direct employees from this initial page to their branch page. For example Then there they should be able to register either directly on the site or with Facebook or Google. If they've already registered before they can login.

Once they login they can access their branch and the main site but not other branches.

Can Membership allow us to set this up or should we be looking at another plugin/custom coding option? Can you help us set this up?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Alan!

    Membership or Protected Content (another of our plugins) would allow you to create access levels for your different branches. Working with a custom registration page will be a little trickier, and it will take the assistance of some additional plugins and possibly a bit of custom code to make it work exactly how you describe here.

    1. To customize the registration page, you've got a couple of options. You can use BuddyPress, which is free, to create extended profiles (even if you don't use the other BP features). This allows you to add additional (text only) fields to the registration form and user profiles. Alternatively, Gravity Forms (premium, and you need a dev licence) offers a custom registration page add on that can be used to add more specialized and conditional fields to the standard registration page.

    The custom work will come with integrating Facebook and Google login with the membership level, which we don't currently support out of the box, in either Protected Content or Membership.

    As support techs, we can help with a limited amount of custom work, usually the quick stuff, since we're usually juggling so many active support topics at once, it's hard for us to commit to doing extensive customization and give it the time it needs. We do have a Jobs Board where there a a bunch of great indie devs who might be willing to help.

    Does this help your understanding of Membership? Have a great Friday!

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