Is multiple separate but linked Buddypress communities possible on one domain?

Hello all

I am new to the community, but have been loving it so far, I joined because we have a problem I have not been able to find an answer for anywhere...

Here is the scenario:

We need multiple communities that can manage themselves, but yet still be linked back to the "root" community. We want to setup a online community where a state will be the root community and towns will be sub communities, but still full communities in their own right, with access to the full spectrum of Buddypress functions. So far, I have setup Buddypress in the root domain on a Wordpress MU install, then I create another blog or website and need that sub-domain or sub-folder, still not sure which is best to use, to be a Buddypress community in its own rite. But every time I try to work ONLY in the sub community, it links back to the root site. I will click on the "Activity" tab and it will give me a "Page not found" error. But on the root Buddypress install everything works perfect.

I want this kind of setup because the power of the MU environment is very appealing. One could develop all kinds of data gathering plugins if this can work. As in we could possibly develop a plugin to see which user is the most active in which town. And also for tracking advertising it could be perfect.

But the problem so far is that I cannot get the separate community, yet linked to a root community structure working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys :slight_smile: