Is multisite a good idea in this situation?

Is this a recipe for a successful multisite?





entry level SSL certificate

mediatemple Premium WP hosting

*I’m planning to preload some elearning courses and sell multisites in the network to companies who will build from that curriculum with their own managers. Does this basic combination sound feasible/compatible? I’ve never done multisite and look forward to the new experience.

Also wondering about best practice for staging sites. I started using Bitbucket and Sourcetree but while I was in the middle of learning it, I realized that I had staging sites built into my mediatemple plan. Now that I’m cruising through some changes, I’m realizing that mediatemple does not give me changelogs in that service and that’s a bummer. There are definitely some things I would like to track. As a newbie, I’m intrigued by BitBucket and git in general. Curious if you think it’s worth the time investment and, if so, how would recommend learning to use BitBucket with a project like I described above. Sometimes it seems like the Internet is a neverending ocean of possibilities and interesting distractions. The main reason I joined the WPMUDEV network was to get your expertise on what is worth pursuing and what’s a shiny object that may be better to discard.

Any multisite workflow you could recommend for this project would be greatly appreciated.