Is multisite my best option? (Newbie needs help desperately)

Forgive me if this is not the place for a question like this. I just subscribed to WPMUDEV and am completely ignorant on how all this works. Thanks for your patience.

I am a one man operation building a subscription based online training program for couples who want to improve their relationships. Here’s the site’s URL.

I’ve created most of the site but am having trouble with sorting through where to go from here. I think that the multisite option might be good for me. But I’m not sure. Let me explain what I’m trying to do.

I want to market this program to churches. Each church would have their own subdomain. For instance…

I need for each church to manage their own users on the back end. However, we collect personal information submitted by users that just cannot be shared from church to church. So the user lists must be kept separate on the back end.

I don’t want church admin users to be able to modify any content, themes or plugins. They will just have access to view their church users’ comments and progress. I think that I have that worked out.

Is multisite the best option for me? If so, how might I move forward? I read some of your support documents but am pretty much at a loss on what to do next. Thanks.

Here are some of the details about the site:
Theme: Avada
Core plugins:
S2 Member (Pro)
WP Courseware


  • Nastia

    Hello @Kerry, I hope this message finds you well!

    Welcome to WPMUDEV community!

    The Multisite will give you a lot of network features:
    - You will be able run a network of multiple blogs and websites from a single WP installation.
    - You can have a network of subdomains like
    - User have the possibility to create an account and open their own blog.
    - As a Super Admin you can install themes and plugins and make them available to all other sites on the network. However, other site admins on the network will not have the capability to install themes or plugins
    - As Super Admin you can change make changes to themes for all websites. Website Admins can not make changes to their themes.

    This Manual may help you to understand betters how multisite works :slight_smile: :

    I want to market this program to churches. Each church would have their own subdomain.

    With multisite you can add sites manually, or you can monetize and create Network of blogs.
    For this option the Pro Site plugin will be the best choice.
    Have a look at Pro Sites plugin this might be what you need.

    If you set up the roles right, the user's list will be available to you as Super Admin and only to Admins of the subsites. The same applies to for modifying content from admins. This explanation may help:

    In our plugin directory we have many plugins that will be usfull for seting up your website. Please have a look and let us know if you have more questions!

    If you need any further assistance, we are here to help you!

    Kind Regards,

  • Kingdom Studios

    Hey Kerry!

    Nice site!

    My interpretation of what you are saying is that you are looking at how to best separate the content by church. I would suggest that you explore the functionality around "Instructors" in your course plugin rather than by "site". Unless you are looking at having each site look different in appearance for marketing reasons, having multisites may be more separation than you need or want.



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