Is Multisite right for my website plan?

My ultimate goal of my website is to allow Fitness Instructors from anywhere in the United States to create a profile and schedule a fitness class in their area so my consumer members can attend that class.

My current website is a local website for one city. Even the name is specific to my city

But, I'm just testing the market and doing a proof of concept stage, that's why I'm starting it locally in my city of Austin. Once I get the Austin market participating, I'll want to expand into other cities (markets).

At that point, I'll want a national brand name, like for example. And from there, my consumer members will have access to any fitness class (in any city) on my website.

So, my question is: what is a "multisite"? And, do I need a multisite concept for my model?

Or, would i use one website and just have different categories (cities) and sub categories (types of fitness options)?

Or, would I use buddypress and use "groups" as cities??

What's the best way to do this? I don't quite know the differences and uses of buddypress, vs multisite, vs categories/subcats/groups/etc.

  • Patrick

    Hiya @Shawnmon

    What's the best way to do this? I don't quite know the differences and uses of buddypress, vs multisite, vs categories/subcats/groups/etc.

    Looks like you're really getting your feet wet in the wild & wacky world of WordPress! :slight_smile:

    Your choice of single site using categories etc versus multisite using sub-sites would depend largely on both the traffic you anticipate, and the community aspect (BuddyPress).

    But the scenario you describe seems to be, in my mind, most adapted to a multisite network of sub-sites (each city or branch) with BuddyPress network-activated so all activity can be registered on the main site, which would act as the community hub of the entire network.

    With some creative fiddling, you can synchronize categories across all sub-sites so all city branches can use the same ones for services, products, etc. this can also be done for custom post types. Note that if you are not up to coding these types of things yourself, having a good developer handy might be a good idea.

    I'm sure other members will chime in here to provide additional insight. :slight_smile:

  • Imperative Ideas

    Hey Shawn,

    I would experiment with a WP Network using Pro Sites and Appointments+ in conjunction with MarketPress. You may also be able to use New Blog Templates to push a standard install to live. I don't think you'll ever fully automate a complex solution because the setup of the various plugins will be confusing to the average person.

    I would do a video-based walk-through of the site then collect the required information via form, then generate the site through New Blog Templates and spend 5min on the initial configuration. This won't be a problem unless you are getting more than 50 new clients a day in which case, you'll have much bigger problems with your web hosting plan (talk to @aecnu if this happens).

    (Whoa, 1000 points!)

  • Joshua

    Good work on the 1000 points @Imperative Ideas! That would be quite the elaborate setup. @Shawnmon - I have done something similar in the past in terms of providing a website to each partner using MultiSite. We did not want the BuddyPress "community" aspect just for each city to get credit as its own entity by still link back to a main site for the products themselves. It took a bit of work in the way of management and setup the more participants we had (as to be expected). But MultiSite worked well for the task. The New Blog Templates plugin that @Imperative Ideas mentioned was a help but as he said... there was still work involved every time we expanded our network.

    Good Luck on your new venture!

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