Is my Smush Pro Plugin Actually working?

I have tried using Smush Pro on my images, but it just does not seem to be squeezing down the size enough.

I'm looking at speed recommendations from my Google Analytics account on the home page of where I have three images at the bottom of the page.

Google tells me that to speed up this page by reducing the sizes of these three images, but I have already smushed them down.

At least, I THINK I have. As you can see in the attached screen shot the WP Smush Plugin says I have 9 images reduced by 2.8 MB, but I can't tell at all which images are actually being smushed.

Is there anything else I can do to optimize the sizes of these images?

  • Alex Stine
    • System Administrator

    Hello EricGiauque
    Hope you are well today!

    You can tell which images have been Smushed by going to Media > Library > click on an image. This will open image details, and at the bottom, you will see Smush Stats.

    You can try enabling Super-Smush to reduce your image size further, please follow these steps.
    1. Login to WordPress Admin.
    2. Go to Media > WP Smush.
    3. Under the SETTINGS heading, check the Super-smush my images option.
    5. Click
    RE-CHECK IMAGESLets you check if any images can be further optimised. Useful after changing settings.
    6. If there are images found, you will see an option to Bulk Smush. Go ahead and click this to re optimize all your images.

    Please let me know if this improves your score.

    Alex :smiley:

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