is "Tag post" plugin only MU?

i fell in love with the tag post plugin... but installation say it should be installed in wp-content/mu-plugins and i do not have this directory.

and the post indexer plugin should also be installed, for it to work, but this plugin, also katagorized as "multisite" should be installed in the ordinary wp-content/plugins directory....

1) does some mu plugins go in "/mu-plugins" and other in "/plugins" ?
2) will "post tag" not work on ordinary wp installation?

Best regards per olsen Denmark

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Can you clarify which plugin you are referring to please? You have not selected a plugin when creating the topic and I am unsure of what you mean by "tag post plugin".

    If you can clarify that one point I'll happily get that question answered for you.


  • perolsen
    • New Recruit

    Hi phil.

    when i found the plugin, it was "featured" in the bottom of the page
    But; it is not possible to select the plugin when creating the topic,its not in the dropdown box, And the plugin is not listed under the "normal"plugins.

    The plugins can be found, (if not featured,) under/ on the post indexer plugin page, see,

    i downloaded the plugin, and the post indexer, but dit not install, becaurce i was unsure,
    -where to put it? (see start of topic)
    -Was it checked/updated to latest version of wp?
    -will it work on a non mu site too?

    Best regards per olsen Denmark

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