Is the Autoblog Legal to Use?

Is there some information about the legal use of Autoblog? If you create a content page that displays the RSS feed of other blogs, aren't you crossing some boundaries? Can you provide some help with this plugin?


  • MasatoEM

    I would assume not, only because you yourself are providing the hosting for the blog as a networked individual, and the only way I can see this really being an issue is if someone were posting private information (which should never be done according to internet 101) and at that point its more of their own risk anyway. It's not as if someone cannot simply google or bing their information or what have you and not find it when it is readily accessable via the world wide web.

    Aside from such it is at your own discretion to use this plugin in the first place, and I doubt that WPMU Dev would devise a plugin and release it without checking out the legalities of such in the first place.

    If it is posted somewhere that is not in a private setting, then it is public, and therefore able to be viewed from anywhere in the world. If the users themselves do not understand that, add that to your terms of service and make it clear to them that what they post may be added to the core of the network and any content published under their blog is considered to be a public blog, and therefore publically available.

    Would you file a law suit on someone for posting the picture you have on your facebook in another area if your facebook picture is public in the first place? Basically you can't.

    Hope this helps!

  • Aphrodite

    Basically you cant, but this is not legal without authorization of authors, IF the content is under copyright. It is legal for CC licensed content, mentioning the original site and author (depending to the CC license type)

    There is the copyright thing to take in consideration... That was exactly the "google vs french news mag" battle.

    Moreover this is not good in terms of SEO since the content will be duplicated and google does not like duplicate content...

    But autoblog can be used for many otrher things, totally legal, for multisite portals, for building MFA sites with CC content, etc.


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