Is the categories in the plugin broke?

I have been working with a designer on my site and requested that when the user visits a page titled "Browse", they get a list of all the pages, listed in outline form, under the categories they fall under. This is the response from my designer:

"We are having trouble with the custom category from the wiki plugin. When trying to display all the wiki posts according to their category they belong to, it won't work. The wiki plugin created category/taxonomy is not wordpress standard. The developers of the wiki don't provide any documentation that will help us."

Any suggestions I can pass along?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    It's a custom taxonomy so they should be able to query them just the same. They can find category related items here:


    You can find it being registered on line 1599:

    register_taxonomy( 'incsub_wiki_category', 'incsub_wiki', array(

    then line 1623 for tags:

    register_taxonomy( 'incsub_wiki_tag', 'incsub_wiki', array(

    Anyway, they can find the rest in there and shouldn't have any issues. However if they do then please provide some specifics so we can look into it further.

    Take care.

  • infodontics

    We got the issue worked out on the categories. I did have a question though about feature requests. I figure that a wiki, a place where people plan to accumulate knowledge, should have a simple method of creating references to text within the post. For my wiki, this is a must. I would love to have this developed by your team because I rely on you for long term support. If you are unable though, I would need to hire someone to add that functionality. Seems that doing so would mess with the wiki plugin and thus void future updates coming from you. Hope my dilemma makes sense. Let me know the likelihood of having this feature developed. I have a clear idea of how I would prefer for it to work if you would like some ideas.

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