is the ecommerce marketplace plugin the one to use?

is the ecommerce marketplace plugin the one to use for the enhanced coupon capability? If I install it will the membership categories that have been set up need to be redone? How would the membership and business directory plugin integrate with the ecommerce marketplace plugin if that is the one to use? I await your answers. thanks

  • Alexander

    Hi @gigi,

    Membership and MarketPress doesn't have any integration when it comes to their payment systems. It also doesn't integrate with the Directory plugins.

    However, you can use Membership to prevent users from accessing certain MarketPress products.

    But if this is regarding your coupon dilemma from the other thread, MarketPress isn't going to be the answer here. You can charge people from it, but you can't setup subscriptions through MarketPress

    Best regards,

  • gigi

    In response to the info below - will this allow the payment info to be captured with the subscription? Also, will it automatically know to charge the person the subscription price at the end of the 30 days? Does this allow me to do this for each subscription level? Also, does it stay open ended like this until I change it but know to charge each subscription when the 30 days is up or is that something I have to manually do (charge them at the end of the 30 days). I am not sure I explained my question well, let me know if you need me to try again or you get the gist of what I am asking? Thank you
    Reply by: Alexander Rohmann

    Hi @gigi,
    This is possible, but not with a coupon. When creating your subscription, you can just set the first period to "0" and "definite" then the next period to your price and "serial"
    This would create a subscription, but wait until the first period is over before charging.
    I'm sorry but there isn't a way to do this with a coupon though.
    Best regards,

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