Is the MarketPress good for a multi-user(seller) website?

Hi there,

My website will provide possibilities for sellers to register on the website, make a user, and start creating products, selling them, and so on....!!
I just realized that a given user CAN SEE the products,( orders, settings, etc) of all the other users!!!
This Cannot happen!
Can I restrict the users for everyone to see ONLY they OWN products, settings, orders, etc...on MarketPress???
( I want to create a website where people will come, register and sell their items, just like on the Amazon, or Ebay. There , if you have a user, you upload, manage, sell your own things, and you dont have to do anything with other people informations. Is the MarketPress is able to do this, or it is good for only ONE user, ME?????)
Please get back to me with some help.
Thank You

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    Hi and thanks for asking more about Marketpress :slight_smile:

    A single install of Marketpress is set up so that it is one instance of one store. You can have multiple users and sellers, but as you see it does get very messy.

    Most folks who want to do as you are describing (having multiple sellers/products that only those users can see/manage) use a multisite setup. You can have your users create their own individual stores, where they will only list, see and manage their products, while you create a global store on your main site that lists products from all over your network. You can even create a global shopping cart where your shoppers can check out from multiple stores at once!

    In order to achieve this setup you will need to enable multisite and wildcards on your server. You can find info on the former here:
    and your host should be able to help set you up with the latter.

    Hope this is helpful! Please let me know if you need anything more :slight_smile:



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    • tinonetic
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      Sorry for bringing this back up from the graveyard, but I thought it would be best to do so as it is very relevant to what I am also trying to do.

      It may also help others in the future

      Do I necessarily have to have domain wildcard support? Will it not work for just multiple directories?

  • caesaregypt
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    Thank You for your help.

    I am a litle confused here, because before I bought the MarketPress I Doublechecked with their support, if their product will be good for my needs. They confirmed that yes it will, multiple times!!!
    This is what is shows on the MarketPress site: "And, did you know that MarketPress is also 100% WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress compatible - so you can use it to start your own Etsy or Ebay style network of stores... where you take a % on each sale!!! So, what are you waiting for, download MarketPress today and give it a crack."

    @KimberlyL: So you are saying that I need to setup a Multisite in order to work the MarketPress in my way? Does that require a bigger hosting package, etc..? Will it be easy for my sellers to set up their products? Do they have to go trough all the Wordpress Site setup in order to sell their items( like choosing themes, plugins, etc..)???

    Thank You

  • Kimberly
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    In order to allow your users their own specific place to list items, with no interaction from other users in their sales process, then yes, you will need to enable multisite. This is easily acheived with your host who can help you enable wildcards on your service. The cost will depend on your host, many don't charge for this while a few do. It all depends on how they choose to set you up on thier servers.

    Once you have that enabled you can create a template site, set up exactly how you would want for your users and use our New Blog Template plugin that will automatically take care of setting up everything your users need.

    You can also use the Easy Blogging to simplify their Dashboard and make adding products easy.

    I hope this helps to clear up my response. Please let me know if you need anything more :slight_smile:



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