Is their a way to have the levels show descriptions on promotional type pages?

I am going to have four or five levels. Is their a way to promote each level and or have it create pages so that the public can see.

I am new, but it seems that people have to signup in order to see the levels.


  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi @louis,

    I’m afraid this isn’t a default feature of the plugin. You can of course manually create your own page that advertises each level, but as far as grabbing the information for a level to display on the page, I don’t think that’s currently available.

    I’ll tag the developer to consider this a feature request… perhaps some shortcodes to grab the level details etc. Of course if the feature is already there and I’m just not aware of it… I’m sure the developer will comment to correct me :slight_smile:

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