Is there a way to remove 'Report this Post' and 'Report this Blog'?


It is possible to remove the 'Report this Post' message that appears at the end of each post. This functionality is not required on my site - all posts are created by our writers and we do not want readers reporting posts. Comments are of course a different matter - we do want the readers to report comments.

Also would like to be able to remove the 'Report this Blog' message on the homepage of every blog. I guess this feature is there to protect against splogs - not something we are too concerned about. Our site is an online publication with a small number of writers - both messages are how can I say inappropriate for our site.

I have had a look at the PHP code but there does not seem to be a way to easily switch this functionality off - actually happy to leave the functionality in place so long as the links 'Report this Post' and Report this Blog' do not appear i.e. commenting out the code used to display this message would be entirely acceptable as a fix.

I am hoping there is a simple solution as I really like the capability of reporting on comments that this plugin provides.